Sea Girls new single – “Midnight Butterflies”

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Sea Girls are one of those bands that, looking back on their young career, don't really know what to expect from them. It is precisely because you always know what you are going to get from Henri Camamel and his entourage. The truth is that the Brits were using the same fun indie rock components throughout their entire discography. They have regularly scored some modest hits, but it must be said that in recent years we have grown tired of the same formula, which has also returned in less-than-appreciated forms. Some sort of breathing space seemed necessary and it worked, because the latest singles from the Sea Girls were finally allowed to be there again. Now there is more, because with Midnight butterflies The gentlemen have finished the new album, the title track of which we can already hear.

Considering the Sea Girls' discography, “Midnight Butterflies” is nothing more than a logical song. Slightly bombastic indie rock is once again the band's starting point, but with the addition of a little more accessibility, the whole thing flows seamlessly into your ear canals. So the Brits' latest creation isn't necessarily something we haven't heard before, but the combination of Camamell's voice and summer tones manages to evoke a kind of cheerful, bluesy feeling in the run-up to summer. In other words, “Midnight Butterflies” seems like a great addition to the Sea Girls' list of accomplishments, but it won't therefore become the band's next hit.

Midnight butterflies It will be released on June 14. Sea Girls will present this album on September 17th At the Ghent Winter Circuswhile Amsterdam Milky Way It's your turn on September 7th. The band will perform for the first time on June 23 In PinkPop.

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