SECRETARY DAGGRAV: A day off is an interesting idea for Kitty Kuti

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Education, Culture and Science Minister Robert Dijkraff thinks making keti koti, the day when the abolition of slavery is celebrated and celebrated, a holiday is an “interesting idea”. He says that on the WNL show on Sunday.

Memre Waka memorial tour participants. This commemorative walk heralds the official start of the month of Kiti Koti. (ANP / ANP / Jeroen Jumelet)

Dijkgraaf does not immediately want to say that the day off should also be introduced according to the Cabinet, but he believes that “this part of history should have an important role in our heritage.” He also asserts that such a choice must be made with the community.

The king will give a speech at the Oosterpark in Amsterdam on July 1. Insiders have already expressed their expectation that he will then repeat Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s excuses for his slavery past.

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The Memorial Year also begins on July 1 to commemorate 150 years of the abolition of slavery. And by the way, the minister announced last week that the commemoration period will last more than a year. An additional €4 million will also be set aside for this purpose, for a total of €12 million.

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