Do you prefer pure nature or fitness 2.0?

An action-packed summer? Yes please! Learn about popular sports biophilia and HYROX trends. Are you going for an outdoor workout or rather an organized vigorous fitness race? it’s your choice.

Biophilia means “love of life” and refers to the strong relationship between man and nature. In sports terms, it refers to outdoor exercises: brisk walks in the woods, swimming in the lake, yoga in the dunes… These workouts involve little or no sports equipment.

Nature is the perfect place to stay at your best, says Katrina Kilby, project officer at The Nature Reserve Boss +The organization behind the 30-30 campaign – Work out for 30 minutes for 30 days. “Not only does sunshine provide a much-needed vitamin D boost, but our oxygen uptake increases when we exercise. The air is usually cleaner and good for immunity. You can also exercise for longer with ease and more comfortably, because nature is a distraction from your hard workout.” Our brains also respond well to the complexity and greenery of nature. This brings peace and draws attention to your inner experience.”

Our brains respond well to the complexity and greenery of nature. This brings peace and brings your attention to your inner experience.

– Katrina Kilby, BOS+

Furthermore, these hip-loving exercises are appropriate for every age group, according to my dog. “You can play pétanque or go for a walk, or go with a slightly heavier weight and train natural movements, like jumping over stones or logs. You can move more flexibly in nature, because the terrain is less flat, and the surface is nice and soft for your knees and joints.” Strength training is also ideal in fertile natures. For example, find HITT or crossfit exercises that you do outdoors. “Always check for ticks afterwards. Take this seriously to take care of yourself as well as nature.”

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HYROX is also for everyone, or more structured. “This is a unique international fitness race that combines endurance and strength sports” begins Louis OselierHYROX World Champion and Gym Trainer. “She’s indoors, on a track with a career all over the place. She does all kinds of exercises in the middle.” This sports direction is being implemented according to the same structure all over the world. You run 8 times 1 kilometer, then do a number of functional exercises, such as pushing and pulling your skis, rowing and machine skiing, lunges with a sandbag on your neck, wall balls…and all as quickly as possible. “It is very professional and you see your results immediately. Moreover, you can participate in duos or in a team of four, where you can split up the exercises.”

HYROX is for “everyoneOsillier agrees. “Most of the people who participate come from CrossFit O Track barriersThe world, because it has many interfaces, but in the end everyone can do it. In terms of training, start with basic exercises, such as squats, and don’t push them too hard. If you’re in a HYROX competition, don’t start too fast. The most important thing is to have fun.” The event has already been organized in the Netherlands, and there are also plans for HYROX races in our country. are you with us

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