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to updateThe governor of Russia’s Belgorod border region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said he was ready to meet Russian pro-Ukrainian fighters, but “he did not show up,” according to their leader. The group demanded a meeting in exchange for two Russian soldiers they had captured – a claim that could not be independently verified. Since last week, the Belgorod region has been the scene of fierce fighting that has left dozens dead.


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Reuters, Belga, Sky News

The first video on Telegram shows the two prisoners, one of whom appears to be injured and lying on the operating table. The other prisoner is in the footage next to Denis Kapustin, who describes himself as the commander of the RVC of the Russian Volunteer Corps. The latter claimed in the video that he would hand over the prisoners to the Belgorod governor if he met the militants in the village of Novaya Tavolganka.

“Today until 5 p.m. you have the opportunity to communicate without weapons and bring back two Russian civilians, ordinary soldiers sent to the massacre by you and your political leaders,” said a joint statement released along with the first video clip released. Governor Gladkov said that he was “open to a meeting, but only if the soldiers are alive.” However, according to Gladkov, the chances of the soldiers surviving are slim. New video.

“It was quite expected that Gladkov did not come to collect the Russian soldiers. By the way, there are a lot of prisoners, but neither the army nor the civilian leadership is interested in their fate,” said the second video. In it, Kapustin stands with a dozen men, presumably the other Russian prisoners he talks about in the video.

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“Only Yevgeny Prigozhin showed courage and announced his readiness to participate in negotiations,” Kapustin said, because the Wagner boss made himself heard through his Telegram channel. “Denis, if no one comes to the place under discussion (to pick up the prisoners, ed.), I am ready to send one of my high-ranking deputies. If Volodymyr Zelensky comes to the place, I am ready to come and take them myself, ”the voice message says.

Moscow has not yet responded.

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As Ukraine prepares for a counterattack, both “sabotage” groups (the Russian Volunteer Corps and the Freedom Corps of Russia) have reported renewed fighting in the Russian border region of Belgorod in recent days. Russia says they are “terrorists” acting on behalf of Kiev. However, Ukraine denies any direct involvement in the attacks, but views them as a result of the Russian invasion.

Today Gladkov called on residents to evacuate the affected area because it is said to be under constant fire. According to the local authorities, on Friday and Saturday, the area was shot nearly a hundred times, with seven dead and about thirty wounded. Today, more than 4,000 people have already fled the bombing and are temporarily housed in shelters.

According to Gladkov, evacuations should save human lives. He also said that new explosions hit Chebekino and Volokonovsky last night. Extensive damage occurred, but no injuries were reported.

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