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FamousSelena Gomez (29 years old) starts her own media company with her mother. The focus is on mental health. It looks like “we’re going to make something that will really help people”.

The 29-year-old singer and actress is starting her own media company “WonderMind”. It’s a brand new project in collaboration with her mom, Mandy Cornette. Close friends Mandy Teffi and Daniela Pearson are also part of the project. The goal is to help people with mental health issues. Content creators aim for podcasts and daily articles filled with tips, tools, and interviews. In addition, they will provide their readers with “mental fitness” tools.

The singer herself has struggled for years with her mental health, including via social media. “I didn’t really feel comfortable with my skin,” she said in an interview. However, Gomez was once the most followed icon in the world on Instagram, but she deleted her account in 2018. In the media, it looked like it was just hate messages,” Gomez told The Mirror.

A strong bond

The singer knows that talking about mental health is important. So the first conversations with her mother before the start of the project were very emotional. “It was definitely a moment when I felt closer to my mother. We both struggled for our mental health. Each in a different way. It was really nice to hear each other’s stories. And Daniela totally understood us, making our collaboration complete. I have a strong relationship with my partners,” the actress said. At work, that’s a nice thing.”

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