Sennheiser headphones can now switch modes based on your location

Sennheiser offers a number of Updates This would make his audio equipment more attractive. For example, by upgrading to the Smart Control app for Android and iOS, you should be able to change the equalizer, noise cancellation, and other settings for your headphones automatically based on your location. This isn’t a new feature in the audio world (Sony introduced it years ago), but it’s also useful when you want to hear your colleagues in the office, but you’re shutting out the world at home.

The updated Smart Control now also offers an audio check function to customize the EQ to your taste, while support for user accounts should now also allow you to transfer your settings from one device to another. Sennheiser also promises an easy-to-use interface and a more elegant look.

The Ambeo speaker, which was also featured here earlier today, should get smarter in the meantime. With the new Ambeo OS, you should be able to extend the functionality of your TV speaker with AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect support. And while you can control the speakers via Smart Control, a web interface is now also provided if you prefer to navigate from your computer.


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