iPhone 13 Pro review

We are used to it now, at the end of the year a new line of iPhones will be launched and phone lovers are always eagerly looking forward to the new features. The step the iPhone 13 series has taken compared to the iPhone 12 doesn’t seem like much, but these small tweaks make an emotional impact. Overall, the phone looks the same, with a slightly smaller notch, better cameras and a slightly better battery. In this review, I want to focus mainly on the improvements that have made the biggest impression.

Screen for gamers and content creators

While other manufacturers have previously marketed phones with a 120Hz screen, Apple lagged behind this innovation until the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 Pro has this screen and makes a huge impression right away. When you hold your new iPhone in your hands, it will also be the first thing you notice. Now you’ll probably think, how a 120Hz screen compared to a 60Hz screen would hit me right away. Well, it’s mainly due to the speed at which everything moves across your screen. Apps open faster, scrolling between tabs is so fast that the iPhone seems to know you want to go in a direction before you know it, and the 120fps gameplay is impressive too. I’ve experienced this many FPS on PC before, so seeing this now on a smaller screen makes a big impression. This is again a typical case: why haven’t we had it for much longer?

The iPhone already has a beautiful OLED display, with its incredibly deep and clear colors, that the addition of 120Hz eventually makes the screen a complete package. Especially when you take the iPhone 12 with a 60Hz screen, you will notice the huge difference. Suddenly everything seems to be going in slow motion on that screen.

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Game developers are now upgrading their games to 120fps, so you can play them optimally with iPhone 13 Pro. For example, I’ll definitely see how well the Genshin Impact plays on the small screen, compared to my PS5 experience.

super zoom

Another feature that has made a big impression is the new cameras. Again, you think it’s a small upgrade, but the effect is huge. The new cameras offer macro photography capability, with which you can take great photos that you wouldn’t have taken with your iPhone before. So you can roughly put the camera on your pants, and then count the fibers. This goes for your entire look, by the way, I have to admit I have about 100 photos in my camera roll of the zoomed-in stuff. It’s like seeing the world through a magnifying glass and that’s very interesting.

iPhone 13 Pro review

In short, the specifications of the cameras. The main wide-angle camera has a 12MP sensor and has also grown physically larger, with larger 1.9µm pixels, sensor shift technology. This was already on the iPhone 12 Pro Max and is now also on the slightly smaller iPhone Pro. This camera has once again gotten a little better at night photography.

Another better battery

One of the biggest inconveniences is that the battery may be empty at the wrong time. I haven’t had this problem since the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 12 and 13 got a better battery time and time again. I charge my battery every night and at the end of the day I have about 20% left. I must say that, mainly for work, I use my phone a lot. If you spend less time on your phone, you may be able to last up to two days with a charged battery. Just for your photography, my average screen time last week was 7 hours. This is mainly because I spend a lot of time on the train. Then I use the phone to watch videos, play games and also as a hotspot, all features that consume battery. Despite being a big user, I can do everything all day long and don’t need a power bank.

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iPhone 13 Pro review


The iPhone 13 Pro is another great iteration of the iPhone, with the highlights being the 120Hz display, battery life, and great cameras.

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