Severe weather continues in United Kingdom, 3 dead | Abroad

A fourth person who tried to help them was safely brought to dry land, police said, adding that the local weather made the route too dangerous.

Many parts of the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland and the north of England, have been ravaged by Storm Gerrit since Wednesday. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, a supercell also passed over the region Manchester, where a tornado is reported to have occurred, further investigation should provide a more definitive answer. Around a hundred homes in Stalybridge, Tameside and Carbrook suffered significant damage.

In Scotland Thousands of households were without power and rail and air travel were still disrupted Thursday afternoon. Conditions on many roads were not great and motorists were stuck in their vehicles for hours due to heavy snow or fallen trees.

According to the Met Office, Storm Gerrit passed by Thursday afternoon. The storm knocked out power in the UK and caused a lot of disruption for people who had to move. However, according to the weather forecast, there will be high winds and storms on Thursday and Friday. A period of “very strong winds” and “heavy rain” is expected on Saturday and the bad weather is likely to continue into New Year’s Eve.

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