She stated “Big and open, it’s not fair to compare it to ‘The Outer Worlds.'”

One of the games a week ago during Xbox Game Gallery It was shown that it was recognized. It’s an RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment that was once considered a competitor to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (this was before Microsoft bought Bethesda).

But the trailer made it clear that this is a different kind of fantasy RPG, and Avowed-less-skyrim-more-the-Outer-worlds-in-size-1276303/”title=”Avowed-less-skyrim-more-the-Outer-worlds-in-size” target=”_blank”>according to game director Kari Patel It has a lot in common with The Outer Worlds. One person who doesn’t seem to appreciate this comparison and other misconceptions about the upcoming adventure is developer Briar Diem verified on Avowed-obsidians-first-person-action-rpg-in-the-pillars-of-eternity-setting-coming-2024.134122 / page-85# post-8522825 “title=”Avoed @RPGcodex forums “target=”_blank” > Forums RPG Codecs. In a lengthy post, he decides to set the record straight, saying that the game is big and open, looks better than the demo, and that the comparison to The Outer Worlds is unfair:

Codex always gives a good road trip! This thread is insane but it’s 100% foolproof. The trailer doesn’t show much in its two minute runtime. To clear up any misconceptions, though I will say this, the game is great and honestly, it’s not fair to compare it. OW (I think Feargus is trying to keep expectations low just in case), which I don’t think can compare to anything.

The studio that made the trailer did some color compression and image editing, and the released screenshots are more representative of what it looks like just a walk through (also they seem to be completely random screenshots from the game, I don’t know why those were chosen out of all things, maybe to minimize spoilers to a minimum). A lot of the game is being kept in the works for now, I guess you’ll have to wait until the next trailer or some sort of presentation to actually see it, but it’s safe to assume it’s very obsidian :lol:. No, the whole game isn’t all fun and hilarious, no it’s not all visually ambiguous. There are many characters, missions, conversations, different game mechanics, big story, and so on.

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I think you do it that way. Dumpsterfire’s comments are a bit exaggerated, development is going well at the moment, MS allows Obsidian’s free license to do what they want, and if it’s a hit or miss it’s on Obsidian’s own terms. “

It seems like there’s still a lot we don’t know about Avowed, but hopefully we’ll see more soon, as it’s due for a 2024 release.

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