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vtwonenA garden or balcony full of flowers makes everyone happy. But not every plant or flower thrives in direct sunlight: many species die in the scorching summer sun. Is your garden or balcony facing south? says Dan Which pants bloom perfectly.

1. Catnip

You will find cute purple flowers in abundance if you catnip; Plant in full sun. This is where it grows best. In addition, catnip can tolerate heat and drought, but it should not be allowed to dry out completely.

It’s no coincidence that the plant has the name “catnip”: cats absolutely love it. In addition to cats, the plant also attracts bees and butterflies. So brutal fun!

Have you forgotten the plants in your garden and how to take care of them? These free – useful – apps will help you out.

catnip; © Getty Images

2. Kranspell

This classic belongs to the geranium family and is known to almost everyone: stork beak. Available in endless colours. By the way, the plant isn’t fussy: It does well in all kinds of places in the garden, as well as in full sun.

Krenspiel. © Getty Images

3. African lily

African lily, also known as agapanthusIt is a beautiful garden flower. You will often find them in purple, blue or white colors and they can reach a meter in height. Apart from adequate water, they don’t need much care.

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The African lily also thrives in a pot, so it will do well on a balcony or patio. Highly recommended!

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African lily (Agapanthus).
African lily (Agapanthus). © Getty Images

4. Roses

Another classic: the rose. These pretty pants work great in the full sun. In addition to the traditional red color, this flower is available in countless other colors. By planting a few in the garden, you can instantly create a romantic atmosphere. And they smell delicious too.

From climbing roses to wild roses: you get them in very different varieties. It helps to learn how to distinguish between the different types so that you can Choose the best rose for the right place.

Roses. © Getty Images

5. lavender

Speaking of gorgeously fragrant flowers: lavender can’t be missed. Judging by the vast lavender fields in the south of France, you already know these pants can handle the full sun.

In addition, they can tolerate drought well. Beautiful flowering plants in full sun. Like all other types of plants, it is important to maintain lavender properly.

Can you use some tips? You can read all about pruning and preserving lavender here.

lavender. © Getty Images / EyeEm

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