Shimano offers a renewable GRX electronic gravel groupset

Thursday, May 23, 2024 at 6:00 pm

Material area Last year, Shimano updated the mechanical version of its GRX gravel groupset; This model went from 2 x 11 to 2 x 12 gears. As of today, this combination set is also available as an electronically shifted variant.

The new kit is a combination of parts found in the GRX RX820 kit and new parts. These new parts include the shift levers and derailleur wheels. Just like existing Di2 kits, derailleurs are equipped with a single central battery, so the kit is not completely wireless.

The brake levers have new ergonomics, so they fit better on handlebars with different arcs, called “flared” handlebars. The brake levers are slightly rounded, which makes the transition from the handlebar to the top of the brake lever smoother, according to Shimano. This also creates a larger contact surface, reducing pressure points.

The new Di2 system can also be connected to so-called satellite converters; Additional switch buttons. Can be mounted in various positions on handlebars, or on a time trial handlebar. They can be set to operate derailleurs, but also to control other electronic devices such as lighting or bike computers.

The rear derailleur system is equipped with so-called SHADOW RD+ technology. This is actually a clutch system that – when engaged – puts more tension on the chain, ensuring that it bounces less and the group moves better. The system can be turned off using a small lever, making it easy to remove the rear wheel.

Additionally, the ‘chainline’ of the set has been positioned 2.5mm outwards. The chain line is the position of the chain links in relation to the bottom bracket. By positioning it further out, there’s also room for wider tires. Finally, Shimano is launching an app that allows you to customize the operation of the shift buttons and thus decide which buttons you want to use to operate your front shifter.

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