Shivering and vomiting: Dutch students hospitalized after skiing in France

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Nine first-year members of the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps and UVSV Student Union were injured during a ski trip to Risoul in France. Five students ended up in the hospital. Two people from outside the associations fell ill. The holiday is now cancelled.


The young men collapsed spontaneously, shivered violently, took turns laughing and crying, rolled their eyes, became nauseous and vomited, had panic attacks and suffered from short-term memory loss. They were, however, friendly.

A Utrechtsch Studenten Corps spokesperson, who did not want to say more, said the student unions still did not know what was the cause of the complaints. The Bohemian Birds tourism organization suspects that the travelers were drugged.

Abris Ski

The first students weren’t doing well during the afternoon ski Tuesday evening. The associations said in a letter in their possession, “concerning five communications, three students were taken to the hospital.” telegraph

The organization took immediate action. At the festival site where young people fell ill, drinks were served only in cups with a lid during the day, to reduce the chance of sedation. Additional guards and security guides also monitored things.

However, four students faced similar complaints on Wednesday evening. Two were taken to hospital. Then the organization decided to close the festival site to students immediately.

“Safe in the village”

All nine people are doing well now. “Everyone has returned safely to the village.” Still guessing as to the cause. The associations hope the hospital will be able to tell you more within a few days.

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In total, there are 450 years in flight. Two buses will leave for the Netherlands on Thursday evening, the rest will follow on Friday evening.

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