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Final Fantasy is arguably one of the most popular game series ever created. And there are quite a few parts, often with special numbering. From old school RPG, MMO to challenging action RPG. And from the latter type comes the game that Daan and Jelle are reviewing today. We’re talking about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. And as the title suggests, it’s a Final Fantasy show. In this game, they discuss the origin of the paradise stranger. As a Final Fantasy fan, should you buy this game, wait for the budget box or get rid of it? You’ll see and hear it all in this Review.

Stranger’s Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins Review

In this day and age, it’s no surprise that you have tough choices ahead. Because there are quite a few games coming out. That’s why the question is whether this game is worth buying. Is the new Final Fantasy game well developed? What makes this game so different from other Final Fantasy games? What are the participating characters? How does the story work and how does it feel in an RPG?

Buy, budget fund or demolish?

It might as well be that we’d recommend looking at another Final Fantasy game. Like XIV, the MMO version. There are still some options for the fans. Who knows, the different approach to this Final Fantasy version might make sure that players who aren’t necessarily fans of the series, still want to play this one. After all, there are many fans of this type of RPG in our country. Or do Daan and Jelle not recommend this game to anyone because it simply has to go straight to the trash? You’ll find out all about it in our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin review.

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