Should you sign up for a streaming service soon?

Another streaming service from the United States is an international one, so entry to the Netherlands cannot be ruled out. It’s about Paramount+: why would we want this too?

The popularity of the streaming service has spread not too long ago. The instigator or person who has achieved great success is Netflix. A kind of digital video library, so that you can access thousands of series and movies from the comfort of your own home. It works: Netflix It is still very popular. However, with the supply shrinking on Netflix and the rapidly increasing supply of competitors, that will change and more and more will be added.

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We already have a few popular games in the Netherlands: Videoland was introduced pretty quickly as a Dutch corner, Amazon’s Prime Video has been available for a while and for a while you can also get Disney+ and HBO Max. In order to allow as many people as possible to choose a particular service in addition to the “originals” (series specials), series and movies move from one streaming service to another. This all has to do with the broadcast rights from the original provider. There is a possibility that more series will disappear from all of these services as a new streaming service is on its way to conquer Europe: Paramount+.

Paramount Plus

Paramount+ is the new name for the US broadcasting service, CBS. You also know Paramount of course from the production of many blockbuster films in the movie world. Paramount has now officially announced that it is coming to Europe. In the US, the streaming service has reached 40 million users with a massive increase since 2022. It will begin rolling out in Europe in the UK and Ireland, where Paramount has signed a deal with Sky to deliver the service.

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Many of the titles on Paramount+, the big broadcaster behind them, are likely to surge and now are rolling out in Europe. We’ll likely hear more from this countless streaming service. Paramount+ has two subscription versions so far: with or without ads and restrictions on HD playback. The cheapest version costs $4.99 per month and the expensive version is $9.99. Something to keep your eyes on!

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