Simon Cowell is unrecognizable in the new video

After watching Simon Cowell’s new video of british talent His fans are in shock. They expressed concern about the juror’s appearance, describing him as “virtually unrecognizable”.

In a video, Cowell invited people to sign up for the final season of british talent. “On this program I always say: two or three minutes can change your life. And it has happened to many people. Maybe this time you will be the lucky one. However, the video’s message falls on deaf ears, as fans are frequently distracted by Cowell’s appearance.

Simon Cowell says fans are ‘unrecognizable’ in new video

You can see that his eyes are drooping a bit and he doesn’t seem to be able to move his mouth very well. A while ago, there was also a buzz about Cowell’s appearance, but then the focus was mainly on his teeth. She suddenly became very white and straight. Fans wondered if the talented scout took a veneer – as Roelvinkjes did and which Donny certainly regrets.

On social media, people went viral shortly after the video was posted. Then not in a good way. The general direction is: “What happened to his face?” Incidentally, many of them speculate about the eye-lift that didn’t quite happen as it was likely intended.

By the way, many people are also making fun of Cowell’s “new look”. However, there are also a handful of people who just want to cheer him on and say he shouldn’t care about all the criticism. Shortly after the video was posted, it was removed, because the comments were almost all about Cowell’s appearance and not about signing up for the talent show.

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Fans are in shock: Simon Cowell is almost unrecognizable in a new video

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