Sinterklaas is coming up with a new movie this fall holiday

It’s still a little early and sunny to contemplate Sinterklaas, but at the start of the fall break (on October 27) the third Flemish Sinterklaas movie will be showing in cinemas. This was announced by VRT. in a Sinterklaas and King Kabberdas The guy who was being bullied wanted to bully all the kids by faking the Sinterklaas book and making all the kids look naughty.

Stijn Coninx directs the film, Hugo Matthysen wrote the script. after, after Oh Ramon! from 2015 and Sinterklaas and waking nights As of 2018, they are once again joining forces. In 1993 Mathiesen actually wrote the story for the TV show Goodbye Sinterclass. In 2019, a fresh look at the Sinterklaas story is being taken. Prior to this, Ketnet collaborated with Matthysen, Coninx and production house Sylvester on recent Sinterklaas stories, such as the annual It’s coming, it’s coming! And the TV programme De Syncrant.

At the end of April recordings Sinterklaas and King Kabberdas I started. This means that Saint Nicholas was already in the country in the spring to shoot: of course the saintly gentleman, Pete and Bad Weir-Vandag did so with appreciation.

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