Slack’s Catch Up feature is Tinder in action

Slack has added a new feature to its mobile app that allows users to sort through unread messages faster Criticize.

Slack’s new Catch Up feature makes it easier for users to sort through unread messages faster. This is one of many improvements Slack has introduced in recent months. The company has been focusing on a more targeted Slack experience for some time.

Tinder 2.0

Slack’s new feature is a bit like the popular dating app Tinder, where you can swipe potential matches left or right Swipes. In the case of the new Catch Up function, it’s about unread work messages that you can use Criticize Sorting can be done quickly and easily. The feature will appear at the top of the home screen, showing one channel or direct message at a time. If you swipe it to the left, you can mark it as read, while it remains unread to the right.

The app is known for its many channels and messages, which sometimes makes it difficult to keep an overview of it. Opening each channel individually to search for unread important messages takes a lot of time. This will be done from now on thanks to this new one Criticize-job.

Order in chaos

Slack has been busy working on its app lately and is making progress in terms of structure and design. With the new Catch Up function, the company takes another step forward. The goal is to make the app as easy to use as possible, since there’s a lot going on in Slack that doesn’t always improve the overall outlook.

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The new functionality also has a lot of potential. The company also plans to use artificial intelligence to summarize and organize messages, so scrolling decisions can be made faster.

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Catch Up has already launched for non-paying Slack users on iOS and Android, and will be rolling out soon to paying users, according to Slack. The function will also eventually come to the iPad, in a slightly different form.

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