Solidaris launches a web application for patients with type 2 diabetes

Solidaris’ innovative exercise guide helps people with type 2 diabetes choose the right exercise. By exercising and exercising more, they can maintain their health and avoid complications.

From October 6, the Solidaris and S-Sport/Recreas movement guide will be open to the general public. Beweegwijzer is a web application that can help people with type 2 diabetes avoid complications. This is done by supporting them on an individual basis in choosing a sporting activity. After all, sports and exercise are an important part of controlling type 2 diabetes.

Through Beweegwijzer, Solidaris wants to play a role in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. For this reason, in the coming days all Solidaris members with type 2 diabetes will receive an email encouraging them to use Beweegwijzer in the battle against type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes epidemic
Diabetes is more common than thought. In Flanders, approximately 600,000 people suffer from diabetes. In 90 to 95% of cases, diabetes is type 2. It is usually considered a “lifestyle disease” and mainly affects adults over 40 years of age.

Figure 1: Global evolution of the number of people with diabetes aged 20 to 79 years (million)

Source: IDF Diabetes Atlas

The risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases with age. Therefore, the increase in the number of diabetics among the elderly population is not unreasonable. But the increase is also largely due to an increase in controllable risk factors such as obesity, an unhealthy diet containing too much refined sugars and saturated fats, smoking, sedentary behavior, and lack of exercise.

Individual advice
According to professional literature, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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There is scientific consensus that sports and exercise make diabetics less dependent on diabetes medications. It also reduces the risk of physical consequences such as cardiovascular disease.

By offering the Beweegwijzer free of charge to its members and the general public, the Health Insurance Fund has chosen to take an active role in the treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Anyone using the Beweegwijzer will receive individual, scientifically proven advice on the ideal sports to practice after completing the questionnaire. This is based on medical information, but also takes into account the preferences of those using the web application. In this way, Beweegwijzer eliminates the classic motivational barriers that make it difficult for diabetics to exercise.

It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire. The basic algorithm processes the answers and selects from among 28 available sports. In addition, each user receives a comprehensive report with tips in their inbox.

Solidaris has developed this web application in collaboration with SportaMundi. The basic algorithm is based on SportKompas developed at Ghent University. Sportamundi also collaborated with Hylyght, Studio Dott and Diabetes League for development.

This innovative health product is primarily intended for Solidaris members with type 2 diabetes, but is also available to those who are not members or do not have diabetes.

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