Sony allows users to talk to their PlayStation 5

Sony has unveiled some new features for the PlayStation 5 game console. These are not yet available to the general public. Currently, only a small group of players can test the beta version of the new software. Addition note: Voice commands.

Sony do in Blog Explaining the new features of the PlayStation 5. The game giant talks about new options for the Party Chat function, which allows you to talk to friends in the chat room while playing. You can choose whether or not to open your party to others. Improvements have also been made to reporting inappropriate player behavior and game engagement.

Another new feature is the ability to “tap” up to fourteen games and apps on the home screen. The interface has also been improved, making it easier to chat with your friends, among other things. Additionally, Sony added the ability to sort games by genre and gave the trophy interface a makeover.

Enhanced Interface (Sony – PlayStation)

voice commands

The beta version of the new software also offers voice commands. Saying “Hey PlayStation” lets you find and open games, apps, and settings. The voice assistant can also be used, for example, to pause a movie or listen to your favorite song.

Currently, this option is only available in English and for users in the US and UK. If the extension proves successful, it will undoubtedly be introduced in other languages ​​and countries in the future.

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If you want to get started on the new (other) jobs, you can here Sign up for the beta program. If you do not want to do this, you will have to wait a little longer for Sony to release a stable update to all users.

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