‘Sorry, but I’m blind’: Blind man in his 20s gets kicked out of gym for ‘staring’ at woman | outside

with videoToby Addison, 21, from Chichester, England, has been blind for five years, but that doesn’t stop him from playing sports, although it doesn’t always go smoothly.


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6/21/23, 4:07 p.m

Addison tells on TikTok how he got kicked out of the gym. “I heard a woman ask someone if they liked the view, but I didn’t know who she was talking about,” says Toby.

Find out quickly. Suddenly she asked again, but she was much closer to me. Toby tries to explain that he is blind and shows his wand, but the woman does not want to hear it. “I eventually called the manager and he didn’t want to believe me either. I just got fired.”

Addison is taken to the gym by a friend. He himself exercises elsewhere. He understands that sometimes women just don’t feel comfortable in the gym. “It is sad that a small percentage of men exhibit unwanted behaviour. But it is also sad that awareness about disability is not good enough. When you combine the two, situations like the one you describe are more likely to happen.

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