Space junk destroys the ISS space station

A small piece of space debris destroyed the robotic arm of the International Space Station. Experts warn of the growing danger of space debris orbiting the Earth.

The impact on the robotic arm of the International Space Station Canadarm2 was first observed by US space agency NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) during a routine inspection on May 12.

“Despite the effect, results from ongoing analysis indicate that the performance of the arm was not affected,” CSA wrote in a blog post. The damage is limited to a small part of the arm and the thermal blanket. Canadarm2 continues its planned operations.”

Safe astronauts

Currently, more than 23,000 objects the size of a softball or larger are monitored 24/7 to detect potential collisions with satellites and the International Space Station. But a number of small things, from rocks or dust particles to specks from satellites, are too small to observe.

“The risk of collision is taken very seriously,” the Canadian Space Agency said. NASA has long established guidelines to ensure the safety of station crews. The safety of astronauts aboard the Space Lab remains a top priority for all station partners.”

space junk

Quantity Man-made things that revolve around the Earth on a daily basis is huge. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), there are 7,200 satellites in orbit this year, of which 4,300 are still in use. The total mass of all space objects in orbit around the Earth is more than 9,400 tons.

Although this effect on International Space Station It’s “very scary stuff,” said John Krasidis, a professor of aeronautical engineering at the University at Buffalo, who caused minor damage. Watchman. “The biggest problem we’re worried about is the astronauts, they’re very exposed out there and one day it’s going to be a question of when, not if.” (MAh)

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