SpaceX is allowed to launch three new ships

The Starship will soon relocate from Texas to Los Angeles. Photo: Astroblogs

SpaceX can confidently plan a new launch of the Starships. Elon Musk and his colleagues obtained the necessary permission for this.

The private airline wants to pass the tests Starship-raketten Moreover, it obtained approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The following launches may also take place at the Texas site in Boca Chica. In the past, the Federal Aviation Administration had to give approval for any new launch. This time, the aviation authority will immediately allow three flights, as no modifications to the spacecraft and procedures will be made. “SpaceX uses our approved method to calculate overall risk,” she said.

Three stars at the same time

This week, SpaceX wants to launch the 15th spacecraft into space. The Federal Aviation Administration requires an FAA inspector throughout the launch. This inspector should be arriving in Boca Chica today. So we can expect a new launch in the coming days.

The last spacecraft to leave Boca Chica was SN11. It ended deadly For spacecraft. After the missile managed to climb to a height of 9 km, things went wrong after the rotation maneuver. One of the Raptor engines caused a devastating explosion. The Federal Aviation Administration said it was still investigating what went wrong at exactly that time. But there was no unnatural security risk to the residents. Hence the new green light.

A discussion about safety

The approval applies to SN15, SN16 and SN17. After the first flight is complete, the Federal Aviation Administration will reconsider whether the next two are safe. Authorities meet with Elon Musk. They were previously criticized by the CEO of SpaceX. He felt that the FAA was not flexible enough to conduct successive test flights. This will be crucial to missile development. From the US Senate, there is criticism again that the FAA may not be comprehensive enough about SpaceX.

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The fact that all previous spaceships exploded just before or during the landing makes the next launch particularly exciting. I wonder if Elon Musk’s team will be able to avoid the fatal mistakes this time. The spacecraft will eventually have to put astronauts on the moon again.

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