The BBC bows to criticize the ‘Falty Towers’ episode

The episode in question will air again, but will receive some changes first …

The BBC reports that this is a controversial episode Germans Will be rebroadcast. However, this will be done in an embraced form.

The chapter in question begins in 1975. At the time, no attention was paid to whether or not a particular group of people was offended. Germans It has been considered a racist episode for some time. Not least because of some of the statements made by Major Cowan.

Nothing has been done for a long time by criticizing racist statements. However, last year it changed. The episode was later dropped from the BBC’s schedule altogether. This may have been mainly due to the Black Lives Matter movement, which was at its peak at the time.

Meanwhile, the public broadcaster in the United Kingdom has decided to re-broadcast the episode. This also makes sense as it is a very important chapter. This is not the least because of the now iconic claim of “not to mention war”. Having said this, it is true that many changes have been made.

Part of the episode in which Cowan released a racist statement against the Indonesian cricket team was deleted. Apparently, the English-speaking public also fully accepts that decision.

Notably, in one scene Basil Falti follows Hitler. Significantly, that scene was always under radar. This can still be seen in the embracing chapter.

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