Want to start exercising (again): What does it do with your body? We took the test

Paul van den Bosch points out some pitfalls for those who start walking: There is a bump due to the high mechanical load High risk of injuries: “Walking too fast can increase the load. It is important that you build it very gradually. Start 2 Run A good app here, and it still takes 8-10 weeks before you can walk uninterrupted for half an hour or about 5 kilometers. ”

The older you get, the more you have to pay attention to overloading, plus age He plays it too Weight A big role because gravity plays, and there is an effect on your tendons and joints every time you land your foot. With each step, the impact of your leg will be about 3 times your body weight. That is why it is highly recommended that you purchase good running shoes with professional advice.

Our lab test shows that due to the position we take, we sometimes subconsciously put more pressure on one leg than the other. There is a difference between me and Dominic. If you want to start running, think about whether it fits your weight, and it would help, for example, if you played ball sport in the past, says Van den Bosch.

But even so, we had the main drawback. Walking Very easy to reach Can be done from the front of your home – and short time consuming for those with a busy schedule. Weather conditions play a lesser role than cycling, for example.

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