Tourists welcome to France from June

France wants to end all lockdown measures by the end of June. On Monday, our southern neighbors will gradually cancel the measures, which will be in four steps. Foreign tourists are welcome from June 9, if they have a vaccination passport in their pocket.

The third lockdown for the Coronavirus went into effect in France in April. Travel is restricted, and stores are closed. Starting Monday, the French can move freely across the country for the first time in two months. They no longer need a travel document.

There are no discos

On May 19, France’s amphitheaters, museums, cinemas and shops will reopen. The maximum number of visitors is applied everywhere, so you can only sit with six round tables on the terraces. Then the curfew will move to 9 pm. Mitigation will only come in departments with fewer than 400 recorded infections per 100,000 population. In Paris that number is still 420 out of 100,000.

Three weeks later, on June 9, cafes and restaurants may receive guests indoors again under certain conditions. Concerts and performances are again permitted for an audience of up to five thousand people. The curfew moves for two hours until 11 pm. The last measures, including the curfew, will be lifted at the end of June. Only discos will remain closed.

Permissibility of vaccination

‘We have to reclaim our old life, our life The French Art of LivingFrench President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with some regional newspapers. “But we have to be careful and responsible at the same time.”

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The President also announced that foreign tourists are welcome from June 9, if they have a vaccination passport with them. It shows whether the owner has been vaccinated, tested, or has antibodies. Macron did not provide details about this passport or about controlling it, for example the Belgians who come on holiday by car. Until then, travelers should be able to present a negative PCR test for travel through France.

France now has its own application that acts as a vaccination passport. The European Parliament approved the EU certification, which should allow freedom of travel between EU member states.

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