Super Health Board Report: Difference is key to a healthy, vegan diet

A vegetarian diet has many health benefits. The Super Health Council has written a comprehensive report that helps consumers make informed food choices for a healthy vegan diet. In this way, the consumer can fully enjoy the benefits without the potential disadvantages. An initiative we applaud, because switching to a vegetarian diet is critical to the environment and the climate.

Not the other vegetarian

Vegan, bisco, egg, lacto-vegan, vegetarian or vegan-only: You can eat fewer products of animal origin in a number of ways. In general, the greater the one-sided diet, the more attention should be paid to a balanced diet. Logical. The difference is fundamental to any diet. Therefore, a vegetarian diet is not necessarily healthy or unhealthy, and it’s interpretation that matters.

Consumer life stage also clearly affects nutritional needs. For example, an infant has different nutritional needs than an adolescent’s, although a varied, well-studied vegan diet can fully satisfy these needs either way.

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