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SpaceX may test the world’s largest rocket again only if it meets safety and environmental requirements. The commercial space company received a list of 63 points from the FAA that must be amended before the spacecraft can fly again. The missile had exploded during the previous test. However, this test was very educational, as SpaceX always emphasizes.

look. The Starship prototype is ready at the Starbase launch site.

SpaceX hopes to build a reusable rocket, which will enable manned missions to Mars, among other things. In April, the first test took place in which the entire rocket, consisting of the Starship capsule and the Super Heavy launch vehicle, was lifted into the air. The test of the 120-meter-high giant ended after less than four minutes with an explosion and destruction of the launch pad.

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that the explosion had “multiple root causes.” Necessary measures must be taken to prevent fuel leaks and fires from occurring again, as happened during the test flight in April. “SpaceX must make all public safety improvements and apply for and receive approval for a modified FAA license that meets all relevant safety, environmental and other regulations before relaunching the Starship.”

SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk, stated on its website on Friday that several modifications have already been made to the rocket. “Many lessons” were learned from the April testing and “several upgrades” were made to both the missile and launch site. The company says it has always worked with the process of testing, modifications and new releases.

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It remains to be seen whether SpaceX’s modifications are enough for the FAA to issue a permit. The missile leaked, the safe self-destruct system did not work well enough, and the entire launch pad was crushed into a crater due to the enormous forces. It’s now up to SpaceX to convince the FAA that won’t happen again.

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