SpaceX missile detonated after test flight | Science

The Starship was launched from the SpaceX space base in Texas and rose 10 km. Then he had to carefully descend and land on the ground.

But roughly six minutes after launch, when the spacecraft was still a kilometer above the ground, things went wrong. Live photos from the rocket show a flame, followed by a roar, after which the image freezes. SpaceX’s launchers use flames as brakes,Drop burn‘On the ground you control it and calmly. If successful, it can be used again on a later flight.

SpaceX is the space company of entrepreneur Elon Musk, the man behind the car manufacturer Tesla and the payment service PayPal, among others. SpaceX transports people and cargo to the International Space Station. The company also wants to fly to the moon and Mars in the coming years. This should be done with the spacecraft. Tuesday’s flight was the Starship’s eleventh test flight, and the last four of it ended with a large fireball upon landing, including a test flight earlier this month.

Elon Musk says in the first reaction that one of the rocket engines did not have enough pressure. “Something important happened shortly after it started.”Drop burn“We have to find out what it was like when we could examine the wreckage.”

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