Sportpaleis nearly sold out for fundraising lights for…

“Lights for Live,” a fundraiser for our country’s music sector, nearly sold out the Antwerp Sportpaleis on Sunday. Nearly 5,000 music fans in recent weeks have booked a seat or more, after which a candle was symbolically lit at those venues on Sunday to form a sea of ​​light as a sign of solidarity in this time of crisis.

In total, the “Lights for Live” initiative has raised more than 50,000 euros for the LIVE2020 Sector Support Fund. More tickets have been sold out than the seats already in the Sportpaleis.

Several artists have also helped achieve ‘Lights for Living’. “On the one hand, I am a little sad to see this beautiful concert hall empty, especially because I know from experience how – in other circumstances – this is an insanely magical place,” singer Nils Destadsbader expresses mixed feelings. “But on the other hand, I’m very happy with the support from our fans and from everyone who supports and cares about music.”

According to the initiators, the sea of ​​tea candles is not only a message of solidarity, but also a hope to be able to work with the sector again soon to organize events.

Photo: BELGA
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