Sportpaleis prepares again for Rampage, the largest drum, bass and dubstep festival in the world (Antwerp)

Rampage guarantees a spectacle of light and sound. © Jeff Matty


Rampage, the national billboard when it comes to drum roll and dubstep, is settling back in Antwerp. As usual, the Sportpaleis will again be shaken to their foundations for two nights during the “Rampage Renegade.” Kanine, Marauda, ​​Used and other big names from the scene would be happy to contribute. If you don’t want to miss any spectacle of sound and light, you’d better run to the ticket service as soon as possible.

After a turbulent halo period, Rampage has straightened its back in recent months. After a successful release in March, as well as outdoors in July, the Cranes will once again be arriving from the wide Schijnpoortweg on Fridays and Saturdays for the Rampage Renegade.

And so the Rampage train hops undisturbed. At the wheel is Hans Machels, better known as DJ Murdock. Alongside his team, he once again brings a whole host of international talent and big names to Antwerp.

Frenzy unpacked in March with a floating DJ booth. © Jeff Matty

Friday night, for example, AMC, Kings of the Rollers, and Upgrade are all behind the controls. Local and national pride used is also present. On Saturday, delectable British DJs Coven & Metric will be at the top of the bill. They will be joined by Antwerp-based and Australian Andromedic, among others Lord bass Leotrix. Striking: Smooth Eel, one of the memetechno-noise standard-bearers (although in his case we’d better talk about ‘troll-‘n-bass’) is also present.

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The latest Rampage Renegade tickets, as well as more information about the event, are available now at this connection. (Lava)

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