Staf Coppens moves to Sweden to run the camp site: “We start a new life there”

Staf Coppens leaves Flanders behind and moves to Sweden with his family. Announce this on social media today. Staff, Monique and the children will run a campsite there.

For now, Staf is still busy scoring Season 2 of ‘Code van Coppens’, but this fall awaits a much bigger challenge. Staf will move to Sweden with his wife Monique, son Bo, and daughter Nora to run a campsite there. It’s been a great stave dream for years. He explains:We are hungry for camping and have traveled across Europe by caravan or caravan in recent years. We ended up in the most beautiful place on earth in a “back to basics” way. Camping as a family not only brings you closer to each other, it also brings you closer to everything that is really important in our life. ”

Frozen lakes and Swedish forests

In Sweden he will strive to please himself and his family:Every time we travel across Sweden, we are astonished by stunning views, sailing in the most beautiful waters in pristine nature and sleeping under the midnight sun. We want to share this feeling with others and now start a new life there.

Staff, Monique and the kids will be moving in this fall and they’re hoping to open the camp site next year, which is something they’re really looking forward to:Of course this is very exciting, but we are looking forward to it. ” The wife Monique van der Velden adds. “Children can’t wait to ski on frozen lakes and make Swedish forests unsafe. We choose a life a little bit closer to nature.” Naturally, Beau and Nora are very excited to go to school in Sweden.

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Camping Coppins

Despite the relocation, Staf will continue to create programs for VTM. We will indeed be able to follow Stave’s Swedish dream of the new “Camping Cöppens”, which we will see in VTM in 2021. Although this will not be the reason for leaving, Stave explains: “I have been making television for a long time, but this is not just another TV project for me. First of all, it is a personal dream that we have always cherished as a family and which we will now fulfill in the end.”

Staf will also go on to make shows with his brother Matthias, which he will always return to Belgium for.

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