Starbucks markets coffee with olive oil

Starbucks has launched a particularly eye-catching and controversial new flavor. It’s coffee with olive oil in it. The new font, called “Oleato”, is not yet available in our country.

Celebrity brands with exotic flavors are nothing new. For example, Coca-Cola regularly releases new limited editions. Pizza Hut and McDonald’s also dare to experiment. They recently came up with a cilantro-infused pizza and a cilantro-flavored McFlurry, respectively.


Starbucks’ Oleato drinks were the first of their kind launched in February in Italy, the land of olive oil. Former CEO Howard Schultz says he got the inspiration for this olive oil coffee on the island of Sicily.

They will be gradually available in the US in the coming months. Japan, the Middle East and the UK are sure to follow later this year. It is not known if and when Belgium’s turn will come.

Café latte, iced espresso and cold drinks

These include coffee lattes, iced espressos and cold drinks, all of which contain olive oil. On TikTok, reactions to the bizarre flavor combination are already divided. Olive Oil Coffee has been described by some as healthy, amazing, and above all, invigorating.

Others hoped it was an April Fools’ joke and nearly vomited out their coffee with olive oil. They also criticized Starbucks for canceling other flavors in some places to make room for the Olito line. Fortunately, in most cases, there will be a special shaker reserved that can only be used with olive oil. For example, people who don’t feel like it don’t get olive oil in their coffee.

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