Starfield in first person or third person: how to switch and which is better?

Starfield It is a huge game that lets you explore the universe. This can be done from different points of view, especially from a first-person perspective and from a third-person perspective. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

How do you switch between first-person and third-person perspective in Starfield?

Switching viewpoints in Starfield is fairly easy. On Xbox, click Scenery On your computer you click on Mouse 3 button. With most mice, this means squeezing them Scroll wheel.

When you hold down this button, you can change the perspective. There are a total of three viewpoints when you are on foot. In addition to the first person perspective, there are also two third person perspectives. One is an over-the-shoulder third person perspective and the other is a traditional third person perspective where you see your character’s entire body.

When flying on a ship, you can use the same button to switch perspectives, although there are only two options this time. The first-person perspective puts you in the cockpit, while the third-person perspective places the camera behind your ship.

First-person or third-person: Which perspective is better in Starfield?

In Starfield, both first-person and third-person perspectives have their pros and cons. However, ultimately, you have to choose the perspective that you enjoy playing with the most.

The first-person perspective of course helps to fully immerse yourself in the game world and those who are accustomed to first-person shooters will also appreciate this perspective when enemies have to be shot down.

Third person perspective sometimes gives you a better picture of your surroundings. Additionally, the third-person perspective is especially useful for knowing whether or not you’re wearing a helmet.

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The advantage of this is that you do not have to wear your helmet unnecessarily. NPCs won’t constantly tell you that you’re still wearing your helmet, which can get annoying, and you can avoid accumulating too much carbon dioxide while exerting yourself, causing your health to deteriorate. The same applies to the opposite: in third-person perspective, you can immediately see that you have not put on your helmet yet, when it would be better if you did, for example because of the toxic atmosphere.

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