Top 5 Features of Brand New Earbuds

Apple has Most Successful Audio ProducerThe regular AirPods are finally upgraded. During the Unleasehed event on Monday evening, we got to know the AirPods 3 for the first time.

We now know exactly what these new earplugs have to offer, but what are the nicest additions? I will include five for you!

#1 AirPods 3: Better Sound Quality

You can almost forget sometimes, but with AirPods 3 it really comes down to the sound quality. As far as that is concerned, as it now appears, he’s a mustache. Earplugs have been improved in this area in several ways. They have the same adaptive equalizer and tracking capabilities as the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

I have of course on spatial sound Which can now be enjoyed by more consumers. Not only through Apple Music, but also through Apple TV +. In addition to the iPhone and iPad, which were previously rare in this field, this technology is now supported on Apple TV and Mac.

AirPods 3
The spatial sound of the party (Photo: Apple)

In addition to this addition, AirPods 3 also feature a new 11mm driver. As a result, bass and high notes are highlighted more clearly, which of course benefits the sound quality.

#2 Skin Reveal

AirPods 3 stop playing content when you take them out of the ears and continue logically when you put the earbuds back in. This is not a new function, but the way it is done is new. Apple adds a skin detection feature.

This way, it will no longer happen to accidentally turn it on or off. So you can just put earplugs in your pocket, without having to worry about losing a large portion of your podcast.

#3 Best Microphones

AirPods 3 are equipped with improved microphones, according to Apple. Interesting, because earplugs have already been praised for their quality in this field. This new model is equipped with an acoustic gauze that blocks out noises such as wind. Ideal!

AirPods 3
New earplugs (Photo: Apple)

#4 AirPods 3: Improved Battery

Apple has greatly improved the battery of AirPods 3. The earbuds themselves can last for six hours when used to play music and four hours when used on a phone. It can then be charged in the included charging case, which gives the consumer another 24 hours of battery life. So you can use these new earplugs for thirty hours.

In addition, it is also possible to charge AirPods 3 using Your MagSafe Accessories It even has fast charging support. So the earbuds can be sufficiently charged in five minutes to play music for another hour.

#5 Sweat and Water Resistant

For the athletes among us, that’s pretty cool: AirPods 3 are better at resisting water and sweat. As someone who actually sweats while eating a cookie, that’s good to hear.

Apple fitted the new earbuds with an IPX4 rating and so they covered themselves well. Some AirPods have been killed by water damage.

AirPods 3
Easy to connect (Photo: Apple)

All-new AirPods 3

So the new AirPods 3 are real and can be ordered directly via the Apple website. You can take advantage of a new group for €199 on the head. In addition to the third generation, the current model, the second generation, is still for sale as well. It will remain that way. Click on this form on the head for 149 euros.

Apple Unleashed Event: These Products Announced

Want to learn more about AirPods 3 or other products from the Unleashed event? Be sure to check out the article above!

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AirPods 3: Top 5 Features of Your Brand New Earbuds

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