A British man is not allowed to drive further in Gronau after his driver’s license became invalid due to Brexit.

The UK officially left the European Union on February 1, 2020, with serious consequences for movement between the island and mainland Europe. The Briton, who is permanently resident in Germany, showed his UK driving license after being stopped by a police team across the border on Alstätter Strasse.

No longer valid since the end of April

However, due to “Brexit”, this driver’s license is no longer valid in the EU, because the UK is also outside the agreements that European countries have with each other on driving licenses after leaving the EU. The British driver’s license was still To be used until April 29 this yearAfter that it expired.

Swap rules reserved

For the Briton, who is stopped in Gronau, there is no other choice but to replace his driver’s license with valid proof. The rules state that a driver’s license issued outside the European Union can only be replaced if the person to whom the license belongs has lived in the issuing country for at least 185 days in the year in which the license was issued. Since the man is permanently resident in Germany, he is eligible for this.

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