“Steak seasoning was supposed to cover up the stench of dead immigrants in a Texas truck” | Abroad

Fifty immigrants were found dead in a truck on the outskirts of the US capital San Antonio (Texas). At least 22 of them are from Mexico. Some could have been sprinkled with steak seasoning to cover up the stench. The police officer told the Texas Tribune.

Upon arrival, the police found the truck, a slightly open door, and a dead body on the ground. Several other bodies were found in the vicinity, according to the same police source. This may indicate that some tried to escape the scorching heat.

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Police Chief William McManus said he was not convinced that all the migrants had been found in the truck yet. It is not yet clear how many people were in the truck.


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‘Colossal tragedy’

Fifty people have been killed so far, including at least 22 Mexicans. “It is a colossal tragedy,” the Mexican president said at a news conference. Seven victims came from Guatemala and two from Honduras. The nationality of the nineteen bodies is not yet known.


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Spokeswoman Karen-Jean-Pierre stressed that the “extremely shocking news” about the dead immigrants was being closely watched by the White House. US President Joe Biden appears to be regularly informed of the situation.

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