Russia wants to hold military exercises in Belarus: “We promise transparency” | abroad

Russia has promised transparency about the military exercises it intends to hold with Belarus in mid-February. The West fears that Moscow may attack Ukraine from Belarus.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that military attaches from other countries will get information about the 10-day joint exercises. “This is a voluntary choice, in fact we don’t even have to do that,” it seemed.

Maximum 13,000 soldiers

According to the minister, the total number of soldiers does not exceed the maximum imposed by the Vienna Convention of 2011. In theory, 13,000 soldiers, 500 armored vehicles and 3,500 paratroopers are allowed to participate in the exercise.

Moscow and Minsk are planning joint exercises in Belarus from February 10-20. Given the crisis surrounding Ukraine, this is cause for concern in the West. The exercises are taking place in southern Belarus, on the border with Ukraine.

Five places to train

Sjoigoe mentions five places to train. Russia has already sent soldiers and equipment to the neighboring country. The minister said that some had traveled 10,000 kilometers.

The Pentagon fears that Russia will invade Ukraine from the north. The capital, Kiev, is located only 80 kilometers from the border with Belarus. Moscow denies planning an attack on Ukraine.

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