iMessage responses are now emojis on Android, but there’s still work to be done

Google is making iMessage for iOS more compatible with the Android Messages app. From now on, emoji responses in iMessage can also be seen in Messages, while previously they only appeared as text in a conversation. The feature is currently being tested in beta messaging.

iMessage emoji reactions

Google has been around for a long time along in the stomach iMessage for iOS has limited compatibility with its own apps MessagesImplementation. Messages you send from your Android phone to your iOS device appear as a simple text message. When iPhone users reply to messages with emojis, those emoji responses appear as individual text messages in the conversation. This seems far from ideal.

Google is now changing that, as it’s testing a system where these emoji text messages automatically appear as a real-time emoji response. This knows android life. Job already discovered In the Google Messages iconBut now Google is rolling it out to beta users of the Messages app.

special interpretation

The amazing thing about the job is that Google has its own interpretation of responses in iMessage. Comments are not translated literally, so for example, the reply with a question mark from iMessage is marked as an emoji with a thinking face. Below is a table with Google’s explanation.

iMessage response iMessage Report Google report on emoji
heart gave a heart 😍
excellent I loved 👍
download now Dislike 👎
haha He laughed 😂
exclamation marks confirmed 😮
Question mark Question mark 🤔

work in progress

While the feature is currently part of Google Messages beta, it didn’t work when we tested it in our editors. Emoji responses still appear as long text messages in a conversation, as you can see in the screenshots below.

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links: replies in messages. right: Comments in iMessage

However, we are already seeing a new setting in the Messages app related to feedback conversion. You will find them in Messaging via Settings > Advanced > Show iPhone Comments as Emoji. The functionality is enabled by default, even if it doesn’t work for everyone in practice.

The feature will likely work properly in the coming days and weeks before it is rolled out to the stable version of Google Messages. We’re very curious if you actually see emoji reactions from iPhone users. Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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