Stephen Van Gucht maintained a maximum of 75 hospitalizations per day to mitigate: “We must follow the plan”

The aura numbers continue to drop slightly, but according to virologist Stephen van Gucht, it is not yet time for long-term relaxation in aura procedures. Today, an average of 119 people are hospitalized every day. If this number is below the threshold of 75, you can relax.

“It’s hard to predict that the numbers will continue to drop. I’ve tried it many times in the past and it wasn’t always correct. Right now we’re on the right track, but the numbers are slowly decreasing a lot. If you look into hospitalization, you might be able to hit the 75 threshold.” Entry daily in March. If you stay less than that for three weeks, you can relax, “Van Gucht says in” Het Journaal “.

Van Gucht points out that this threshold must be respected. “We have a plan and we have to follow it. This is the best we can do right now. It might take a little longer, but it might also go faster. We don’t know. It’s a very difficult path to predict. We’re still on a plateau.”

“If you relax too quickly, you may be able to reverse the trend very early and still have a problem. If you relax, you should be able to do it for the next hundred years and not for the next month. Better to wait a little longer. Then wish you to be.” Be very fast and see the numbers going up, “Van Gucht concludes.

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