Strike at Norwegian gas exporter threatens up to 60 percent of exports

Employees of Norway’s state-owned company Equinor have stopped work for several hours. This has immediate effects on gas exports. Belgium depends on Norway for more than 40 percent of its gas imports.

Strikes at offshore mining sites immediately affected Norwegian gas exports. The three platforms fell silent. The United Kingdom reports less than 16 percent of its gas imports from Norway. A spokesman for Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten (Groen) said Belgium had not yet felt the impact of the strike.

If the strike continues, the company will export 56 percent less gas by Saturday. At a time when many European countries are saying goodbye to Russian gas and knocking on Norway’s door. Belgium is also 40 percent dependent on Norwegian gas.

The employees are demanding a pay hike of 4 to 4.5 percent. According to unions, this is necessary to support rising life expectancy.

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Norway has legislation that makes it possible to ban strikes in exceptional circumstances. The Labor Ministry seems to be keeping its hands out of this social conflict. “The wage dispute is being resolved with the social partners,” said the Deputy Minister of Labour.

Apart from gas, the company also exports oil. Also, exports will be 6.5 percent lower tomorrow. In the case of oil, Norway is again an important importer for our country. About 30 percent of the oil entering our country is taken from Norwegian land. Van der Straten, former energy minister, has strategic reserves for oil. As a result, there is no serious risk to our energy supply in the short term.

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