Students present technical solutions in the field of health

“At Philips, we also naturally look at the patient experience. A day like this one confirms that we also have to continually think about how this applies to children,” says Philips jury member Ben Gorissen. PSV Brainport Scholenchallenge is an educational program to get kids excited about technology. Pupils from Groups 6, 7 and 8 Primary Schools from Brainport Schools come up with solutions to meet the challenges of the future with the help of technology. About 1,500 students, their teachers and supervisors converged on the Philips playground for this Scholenchallenge.

Useful inventions

Over the past few months, students have put tasks into 5 themes during regular lessons: Nutrition, Safety, Mobility, Sustainability, and Health. These topics were drawn from the Brainport Partners and each partner was allowed to send a panel of judges to evaluate students’ ideas. The jury members fully agreed with the students’ efforts during the jury’s deliberations. They saw that the children worked very hard on the tasks and became excited about the many creative solutions.

Flavored beans

I created a sports watch collection with an app to get people moving and put on a pretty cool show. Another group created an augmented reality game to move people. The special thing about this was that it could also be used for other sports or associations. Another group invented flavored pills to make people better. There is no shortage of creative ideas during the final of the third edition of the PSV Brainport Scholenchallenge.

Technology for and for children

Philips often involves children in technology. They do this not only for the sake of potential future employees, but also to educate children about what is possible in the field of health in technology. For example, students recently got into the virtual world during the Dutch Technology Festival.

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1,400 students saw, among other things, how virtual reality (VR) is used in health technology. They also saw how AI could be used to make better MRI scans. Technology is also used in the rehabilitation of children. Sint Maartenskliniek has installed an interactive digital play wall that helps children rehabilitate in a playful way.

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