Studio 100 series “Mia and Me” gets a motion picture

The international live-action and animation series “Mia and Me” will have a fourth season and a first movie. The children’s series was jointly produced by Studio 100, who is responsible, among other things, for the live-action part. Some work is now being done in Schelle and recordings will follow in the Flemish Ardennes.

at Mia and Lee Mia is a real girl who lost her parents in an accident. After their deaths, her aunt gives her a special game designed by her father who was a successful playmaker. This allows her to descend into the magical world of Centopia, where winged fairies, unicorns and dragons flourish. There it could be Mia herself as an avatar.

The series has run for three seasons and is now getting its fourth and first film. While lead actress Margot Nuccetelli is Italian, the rest of the cast is from the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium. The live-action portion of the film is currently being produced in Schelle by Studio 100. The film will also be shot on location, particularly in the Flemish Ardennes. As for animation, the series mainly moves to Germany and India, with Studio 56 taking care of the issue.

Originally Mia and Lee A form of German media company M4e. Since that came into the hands of Studio 100 in 2017, Belgian company Gert Verhulst and Hans Bourlon are now participating as well. The series is a special success story in Germany, with us you can watch Mia’s adventures on the Nickelodeon children’s channel and the Netflix streaming service. The fourth season will be shown on the tube at the end of 2020, and the movie will be expected until 2021.

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