Trump responds to the acquittal: “Make America great again in the beginning.” Trump impeaches

Former US President Donald Trump, who was cleared by the Senate of incitement to revolt, has pledged to continue defending “America’s greatness.” Trump said: “Our wonderful, historical and patriotic movement, Make America great again, still in the beginning,” disguising once again a victim of a “witch hunt.”

Trump’s critics blame his supporters’ storming of Parliament. The former president himself asserted that he had always been committed to the rule of law and “police heroes”.

“It’s a sad comment on our time that a political party in America gets a free ticket to downplay the rule of law, slander law enforcement officers, encourage mobs, acquit rioters, and turn justice into a tool for political revenge,” Trump said. .

The former president hinted that he had not bid farewell to politics. He stressed that “our historical, national and beautiful movement to make America great again has only just begun.” “I have a lot to share with you in the coming months. I look forward to continuing our amazing journey together.”

Trump often heard on Twitter last year about his first impeachment trial, but this messaging site has banned his account since then. Now respond with a written statement.

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Trump is acquitted in the second landmark Senate impeachment trial

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