‘Succession’ in real life: How Lachlan Murdoch became the new chairman of Fox & News Corp

Behind the scenes, Rupert Murdoch has been grooming his sons Lachlan and James for a senior position in the family business. In a BBC documentaryRise of the Marduk dynasty (2020) It appears that “family was always important to Robert, especially from the standpoint of building a dynasty.” Statement by Andrew Neil, former employee of The Sunday Times. “The conversations were about how to build a company for them. Sometimes he liked to pit them against each other, to see how they would react.”

Family is important, he wanted one of his sons to take over when he grew up. But especially one of his sons, because Elizabeth had no place in Murdoch’s plans. “He didn’t think women could do that kind of thing at the time, although I think he may have changed his mind over the years,” Neil said in an interview. Podcast of the Americano viewer Earlier this year.

For her part, Elizabeth said earlier that she had “no ambition at all” to succeed her father. it was General Director Subsidiary to Sky Networks, which is partly owned by News Corp, but founded its own production company, Shine, in 2000. It was purchased in 2011 by News Corp.

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