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China is a frighteningly large and complex country. But you can’t get around it. Geopolitical, military, economic and scientific: China is everywhere and growing in importance. In the Chinese podcast, Mark Beekhuis first and from 2020 Li’ao Wang explored with guests how the country works. These are the top five episodes to better understand China during your vacation. Whether you are going on vacation in China, or want to learn more about it from the beach bed in Ameland.

Neutral climate?

China is now responsible for a quarter of the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions. With dire consequences for its inhabitants. Could China be climate neutral by 2060?


China wants to become self-sufficient as soon as possible. That is why the country invests more in science than the 27 EU countries put together. But where are the real Chinese innovations?

tech giants

The country has made tremendous technological progress in the past twenty years. Just look at Alibaba, Tencent and ByteDance. How strong are they?


China wants to become a world leader in technology. How are they going to do it, and is it even possible? What does this desire mean for Chinese society?

Social media

The Far Eastern country bans Western social media, but Chinese social media is allowed. How much control is applied to the platforms? And what role do influencers play in this?

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