Sunak and Macron meet in Paris to discuss cross-channel migration

The UK would like more police patrols of the French coasts, so many small boats leave. The British government is already sending money to France for this. British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said he was looking at ways to enhance cooperation with the French authorities and reduce the number of people crossing the border. According to Cleverly, the countries will negotiate financing for “joint action to prevent cross-channel migration attempts.”

Earlier this week, Sunak announced new measures to discourage people from crossing into the UK by small boat. Anyone entering the country illegally will have to leave the country within 28 days and will not be able to return later or apply for British citizenship. Those who reach British shores will either be repatriated to their home country or to another country, such as Rwanda. More than 45,000 migrants will arrive in the UK in 2022.

This is the first Anglo-French summit in five years, wrote the British broadcaster BBC. Sunak has already said on Twitter that he is looking forward to meeting the French President. “From tackling illegal immigration to boosting growth in our economies and defending our security, when we work together, we all benefit,” she said.

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Presumably, therefore, both countries announce closer cooperation. According to the BBC, an agreement on the return to France of migrants arriving in the UK is unlikely to be possible. This will be followed by a press conference on Friday afternoon.

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