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The weekend will end dry in most places, but the rain will return during the night. The mercury will reach 17 degrees on Monday, but will drop quickly after that, so March showers can turn into snow showers. This was reported by RMI.

Sunday afternoon Dries out in most places. It will be very soft with a maximum of 8 degrees on the High Fens and up to 13 degrees on the Low and Central Belgium. Winds blow moderate to relatively strong from the western direction, and at sea very strong to strong.

During the night, the sky closes again from the west and periods of rain follow. Winds of up to 60 kilometers per hour are likely in the morning. The minimum temperature is about 5 degrees in the upper fens and reaches 10 degrees in other parts of the country.

next week

Monday It will be cloudy at first with rain. Then there will be pure spells, alternating with cloud fields and showers. Thunderstorms are also possible. Winds will play an important role, with gusts of up to 75 kilometers per hour inland and up to 90 kilometers per hour in the sea. It will be very thin with a maximum of 11 degrees in the Upper Ardennes and 17 degrees in the center of the country.

Tuesday morning It’s still 5 to 9 degrees, but during the day the mercury drops more. Clear spells alternate with showers that gradually take on a wintry feel. There are the first showers of snow on the Ardennes, but snow can also fall elsewhere in the country at night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Winds will weaken during the day on Tuesday.

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Wednesday It is expected to start with some snow showers. During the day there are gradually more showers, but in the Ardennes the rains remain wintry in character. Maximums range from 3 °C in the upper 20s to local highs of 8 °C in the west of the country. RMI will expect temperatures to rise again in the following days, but it will continue to rain.

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