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It’s amazing that sylvester It maintains a strong and nice monthly pace with a good mix of (long-awaited) sequels and exciting new titles and surprises. September is no different. We would like to introduce you to these upcoming albums here.

Tarzan 1

After Tarzan Rights,زان was created Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950), which had been in the public domain for a few years, got Christoph Beck View abstract book The Legend of Tarzan original. Beck knew Tarzan since his childhood and many films and novels, especially the comics in which he participated. Several of them again took to create this diptych. the film Greystock (1984) met Christopher Lambert Championship, affected him the most.

The dark part 1 is drawn by Stefan Sobeck It is a complete story after the first original novel from 1912. The second part is more delicate and reads like a pulp story. This is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan’s return From 1913 and Tarzan in the heart of the earth From 1930, Tarzan finds himself in a prehistoric world. Burroughs himself wrote 24 Tarzan– Novels. The second album is very much drawn to him Roberto de la Torre. The last third of the album was drawn by Beck’s loyal drawing companion Stefano Rafael.

Presentation for Part One: “The Nineteenth Century. Lord John and Lady Alice Greystock left England and are stranded after a shipwreck on the coast of Equatorial Africa. Not long after Alice was born a son. After his parents died, he was raised by a group of monkeys. Tarzan would be torn apart The youngster between the harsh life in the wilderness and his British aristocratic lineage…”

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This album also comes in a deluxe 16-page photo with a fabric pole, dust jacket, sketch file, and ex-libris signed by Stevan Subic. Edition 100 numbered copies.

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