Firefox ends support for FTP

Mozilla no longer supports File Transfer Protocol or FTP in the latest version of its Firefox browser. The once popular system has disappeared from every major browser today.

Firefox 89.0 was almost the last browser to support FTP, after Chrome and Edge bid farewell to the system earlier. However, for security reasons, standard support will also disappear in Firefox 90, Mozilla wrote in a blog post.

This is partly due to Mozilla’s plans to run the latest browser almost entirely on HTTPS, but the end of FTP was a long time coming. Mozilla itself announced already in 2015 that it wanted to get rid of the protocol, because it is hardly encrypted.


File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to send files over the web, and the system has long been popular for placing heavy movies or photos directly on company servers, for example. However, it also caused a lot of security issues right away, because people with bad intentions can download, intercept or modify files via the protocol.

The protocol has been disabled by default since Firefox version 88. Chrome and Edge have long since discontinued support for FTP, and Safari always uses a slightly different system. If you still want to use FTP, you can use Internet Explorer until next year. The browser supports the protocol, but it will expire in June 2022. There are also services like Filezilla, which are designed specifically for FTP.

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