“Taboor” begins its new campaign: Don’t settle for “things are going well”. Akkerwijzer.nl

Tabor has launched a new #questiondoor campaign to try and break the taboos surrounding farmers’ mental health. Through the video, among other things, the organization hopes that farmers will give an honest answer to the question “How are you?”.

“The question of how someone is doing is a well-intentioned question that most of us automatically answer with ‘good’,” says Tabar’s letter. Now there is one for this too video to make.

Tabor has already committed to several campaigns to make mental problems in the agricultural sector a topic of discussion. The organization hopes to encourage people not to settle for a “good” answer. “If you suspect a friend, family member, or colleague is experiencing mental health issues, ask how someone is really doing.”

open questions

“By asking open questions and not judging, you are showing that you care about someone. But don’t try to solve the problem. It is often better to just listen, ask open questions and do things you would normally do together,” says LTO-Noord director and spokesperson for Tabur Fije Visscher. Show that you value the conversation. A simple “I’m worried about you” can show that you care about someone’s well-being.

Tabboer provides listening permission and is an independent counter that can be reached via 088-8886608 or [email protected].

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